Flat Die Pellet Mill

As we all know, Flat die pellet mill is a kind of small pellet machine; it is usually used to make pellets on a small or medium scale. When it works, we can put the raw materials on the surface of the die and as the die rotates, a roller presses the materials through the holes in the die, and then pellets can fall from the bottom of the die. Recently, biomass pellet making industry is attracting more and more people, especially families who own a farm. Therefore, flat die pellet mill becomes popular in market due to the various of advantages. There are many advantages of flat die pellet mill.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean as it has simple structure. And it has less wear performance.
  • They require small space and very light, which can be used in small farm and home, and can be easily and flexible move to anywhere when needed which can save money about moving raw material.
  • It is easy to change new die and rollers, this can save time to produce more pellets.
  • Materials fall into the pelletizing chamber under the assistance of their own gravity and thus can be more evenly distributed and pressed.
  • Unlike that in the ring die pellet mill, the diameter of rollers, revolving along and on the static flat die, will not be limited to the diameter of the die and thus the installation of the bearings and rollers can be effectively designed to improve the deice endurance and the extruding forces to raw materials. Thus, the flat die pellet mill is more proper than the ring die ones to process coarse-fibred materials.
  • Besides, different from pellets discharged from the rotating die, those coming out of the flat die machine with no centrifugal speed can avoid colliding onto each other or to the devices which will reduce the hardness of the pellets.
    Generally, GEMCO pellet supplies a wide range of flat die pellet mill including diesel pellet mill, electric pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill.

Diesel flat die pellet mill

Generally, the applications of diesel flat die pellet mill are very extensive. It is the best choice for people who want to cut down cost on the energy consumption, this type of pellet mill is driven by a diesel, the design is simple and light, easy to move, it stands out the facts that it can be used in many regions especially in the distant areas where there is a lack of electricity. Diesel flat die pellet mill is also able to press a wide range of raw material into high quality pellets. It is one of machines which are an easy matter to repair and operate due to its mobility; in addition, it seldom causes danger to the children with no cabling. With a workhorse of 7 to 8HP, a large production work can be accepted by a diesel engine. And now a number of people want to own a pellet mill to use, please believe GEMCO diesel flat die pellet mill is a kind of strong and safe machine to your daily life.
Features and advantages of diesel flat die pellet mill
  • Long service life with alloy steel principle shaft box and upper box.
  • Pellets size can be adjusted upon your requirement. When making different size, you just change the die mould.
  • Driven by a diesel engine making pellets production possible especially in the rural area with shortage supply of electricity.
  • Low noise, high endurance, low temperature, changing with alloy steel carbon-quenched multiple geared systems.
  • Diesel easy to get, among all the fossil fuels, diesel is the most easily available one around the world, you can find it almost everywhere, so this can result low cost and help you save a lot of money.
  • Simple operation, low energy consumption and less manpower.
Diesel flat die pellet mill
ZLSP S 120A TYPE Diesel flat die pellet mill


Technical Parameters of diesel flat die pellet mill

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension(mm)
ZLSP-150A 50-100kg/h 8Hp 180kg 1000*500*750
ZLSP-200A 80-120kg/h 15Hp 210kg 1460*750*900
ZLSP-230A 120-200kg/h 22Hp 280kg 1560*850*1000
ZLSP-260A 160-250kg/h 30Hp 330kg 1200*500*1070
ZLSP-300A 250-400kg/h 55Hp 410kg 1220*600*1000

Electric flat die pellet mill

Generally, flat die pellet mill with electric motor is small in size, low noise, and high efficiency and easy to operate, GEMCO flat die pellet mill with electric motor is design and structure with capacity 50-400kg/h for making wood pellets. It is an electrically powered, usually use 3phases. There is a cabinet which can control the power. And it is popular by an individual. Our portable electric motor can make pellets from a variety of agricultural and forest waste, such as sawdust, grass, recycled paper, straw, rice husk, palm oil shell, leaves or any other biomass waste.
Features and advantages of flat die pellet mill with electric motor
  • Electric flat die pellet mill is driven by electric motor which makes it environmentally friendly and more energy-saving. And it can work anywhere you want as long it supplies electricity which makes it so convenient.
  • Our machine has CE certificate, which all parts meet EU standard. According to European standard and requirements.We have continuously improved models of our pellet mills.
  • Roller and flat die are made from precise material of alloy metal which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break, besides, both sides can use the flat die, thus having a long service life.
  • Adopt quick disassembling type of precisely-cast die clamp to connect the die and quill flange, able to change new die and rollers fast and conveniently according to your needs.
  • It is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, so you can solve problem in time.
  • Small size & weight which makes it widely used in home, small farm. And it is suitable for making both feed pellets and wood pellets.

Flat Die Small Pellet Mill with Electric Motor:

200B flat die pellet mill ZLSP 200c flat die pellet mill
ZLSP200B Type Pellet Mill ZLSP200C Type Pellet Mill

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension(mm)
ZLSP-150B 50-100kg/h 3phase5.5kw 95kg 800*450*700
ZLSP-200B 80-120kg/h 3phase7.5kw 200kg 1000*480*930
ZLSP-230B 120-200kg/h 3phase11kw 290kg 1180*540*1000
ZLSP-260B 160-250kg/h 3phase15kw 320kg 1240*540*950
ZLSP-300B 250-400kg/h 3phase22kw 350kg 1300*560*1100
ZLSP-150C 60-110kg/h 3phase5.5kw 105kg 1000*480*780
ZLSP-200C 80-120kg/h 3phase7.5kw 210kg 1050*550*830
ZLSP-230C 120-200kg/h 3phase11kw 290kg 1200*560*950
ZLSP-260C 160-250kg/h 3phase15kw 340kg 1240*580*1000
ZLSP-300C 250-400kg/h 3phase22kw 425kg 1300*620*1100

Gasoline Flat Die Pellet Mill

Flat die pellet mill with gasoline is our newly developed machine. It is widely used for making maize straw, sawdust, sunflower seed shell, corncob, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. into hardwood pellets without any additive. Some raw materials which are difficult to form with low bonding ratio are also suitable with this small gasoline pellet mill. In addition, organic bacterial manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are applicable to pelletize under low temperature.
Feature and advantages of gasoline pellet mill
  • By adjusting the gas engine can control the evolving speed of the gasoline pellet mill according to different kinds of materials.
  • Easy to start with electric starting.
  • Steady running, low noise and handy operation.
  • We get the CE & ISO 9001 certifications.
  • Low energy consumption, reliable quality of broad use.
  • Easy to maintain and operate which can save money and manpower.

120Q gasoline flat die pellet mill 150Q gasoline flat die pellet mill
120Q Gasoline Flat Die Pellet Mill 150Q Gasoline Flat Die Pellet Mill

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension(mm)
ZLSP-120Q 40-80kg/h 7.5Hp 120kg 900*500*730
ZLSP-150Q 50-100kg/h 10Hp 180kg 1000*500*750

PTO Flat Die Pellet Mill

PTO flat die pellet mill is designed to be driven by a PTO (power take off) from a tractor or a truck, rather than pellet mill running by motor or diesel engine or electricity. This kind of flat die pellet mill comes with the jack shaft and in order to connect to a tractor or truck it is joined with a different spline coupling. And GEMCO PTO pellet mill is designed easy to be connected and disconnected. And this kind of flat die pellet mill is driven by the tractor’s energy; it can process bedding or wood pellets fuel to burn in pellet stove. It is especially appropriate to work on farms. You can add it to a tractor for driving power. This will solve problems of electricity transmissions. Even remote-controlled operation is available.
Features and advantages of PTO flat die pellet mill:
  • With low energy consumption can make high efficiency, its reasonable and professional design can make sure it works freely, the machine feeds and press evenly, and discharges pellets with low damage.
  • The pellets produced by PTO pellet mill are smooth and even, of high heat value and high standard hardness.
  • It can be moved to anywhere with the tractor or truck which makes it easy and convenient to use.
  • The roller is made by high grade complex alloy steel which ensures the spare parts stronger and durable.
Pto  flat die pellet mill
PTO flat die pellet mill

Technical Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside Dimension(mm)
ZLSP-150P 50-100kg/h ≥8Hp 90kg 900*540*1020
ZLSP-200P 80-120kg/h ≥15Hp 130kg 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-230P 120-200kg/h ≥22Hp 175kg 1000*540*1020
ZLSP-260P 160-250kg/h ≥30Hp 235kg 1050*540*900
ZLSP-300P 250-400kg/h ≥55Hp 305kg 1100*540*1000

If you want to produce pellets at home with your own wood pellet machine, please choose GEMCO which will offer you the most suitable pellet mill. And it is possible for you to meet the requirement of low cost, low energy consumption, high efficiency and high production.
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