Pellet Mill Die & Roller

Pellet mill with flat die
flat die of pellet mill

Pellet mill with ring die
pellet mill ring die and roller

Because of simple design, high efficiency and lower weight, flat die pellet mill or small pellets mill is predominantly used in small scale pellet production. It has a horizontal die and above the die there is a roller. When pelletizing, the raw materials are fell into the chamber, they are compressed between the rollers and die to form pellets. On the contrary, about ring die pellet mill, the roller and die is vertical to the ground. When pelletizing, turn on a rotating shaft as friction develops, the mutual pressure between ring die and roller overcomes the resistance when feed is forced through the die holes in high speed so that dissections of finished pellets become tight layers of feed mixture. So rollers & dies are the two crucial parts of pellet mills. Choose preferable rollers & dies are essential. GEMCO is just a leading company which specialized in design and manufacture of pellet mill rollers & dies.

Rollers are the most important and vital components for making pellets. The main purpose of rollers is to help the material mixture to get into the die hole. Thus the roll shape and construction are designed for preventing the slippage of the material and give a smooth surface for a better discharge. The material of roller parts must be anti-bearable and not easy to be broken. The roller in our flat die pellet mill is made from precise material of alloy metal, which makes this core part wear-resistant and not easy to break. In addition, our flat die pellet mills usually have two or three rollers that enlarge the capacity of making pellets.
Dies are often made of various types of metals to make sure the die can resist to corrosion. The diameter of die holes in portable pellet mill is usually 1.5-12mm. Compared to ring die, the spotlights of flat die are as follows: small and lightweight, easy to clean and convenient to maintain. Our flat die is made of high quality alloy steel with best pellet die compression ratio. The flat die has many holes for extruding material into the formation of pellets. We can produce different dies as required. Pellet size can be designed to meet your requirements. Generally speaking, for fuel pellets the diameter is from 4.5mm-12mm and for the feed pellet the diameter is from 1.5mm-12mm. They are available in different designs such as the fixed die which is equipped with a rotating roller or the stationary roller with a driven die. You can option the suitable design based on the raw materials to be used in making pellets.
And the working principle of ring die is different from flat die, it is ring, when pelletizing, the die has huge rotary force to make the formed pellets thrown outside, but the material is usually the alloy steel which ensures the service life of pellet mill.
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