Wood Pellet Mill System

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Process of Making Pellets

Hammer mill system

There are two main machines in crushing process, wood chipper and hammer mill. When the raw materials you prepare to process are log, wood chips or other big size materials, or the thickness is more than 10mm, and size is more than 50mm * 50mm (L * W), generally, you need to use the Wood Chipper to chip them into small pieces firstly, then crush these small pieces raw materials into wood powder with diameter less than 3mm by Hammer Mill (Crusher),so that the material can enter the hole of pellet mill to be pelletized well.

Dryer system

The moisture of crushed materials is pretty important when pelletizing, and the best moisture content to pelletize is about 10-15%. The GEMCO rotary dryer is made up of stove and main rotary dryer, which can reduce the moisture from 60% to 10%. We use sawdust, wasted wood, and coal to fuel the stove which can largely save electricity consumption. And the rotary dryer is specially designed for energy saving purpose; the dryer outside is covered with special cotton material sheet to prevent the heat from outrunning.

Pellet mill system

This is the most significant procedure, when pelletizing, you should continuously put raw material into the pellet mill to guarantee the pellet mill working uninterrupted, the die and roller will interact each other, thus press material into the holes of die to form pellets. The die diameter can be adjusted according to the end use of pellets. Pay attention not to put your finger or some other sundries into the chamber. Our biomass pellet machine is designed for pelletizing all kinds of wood, not only softwood, but also hardwood and we apply different ring die with different compression ratio.

Cooler system

Because a lot of heat will be produced during the pelletizing process, when the finished pellets leave the pellet mill, they are hot and moist, the temperature is about 60-80 degree, and the moisture content is about 15%. Thus we need to use a cooler to reduce the moisture of pellet in order to make sure the pellet can be easily stored, and help the pellet low down their high temperature and to get high destiny pellets, which have better combustion characteristics. Silo is available if you need.

Packer system

After cooling, in order to avoid the wood pellet affected by damp, usually the pellet will not directly enter into the fuel process, so when pellets can’t be used up at a time, put the rest of the pellets in some plastic bags and seal them, store the bags in a dry place to prevent from moist and mould. There are bulk bag (1 Ton/Bag) and small bag (15-30kg/Bag); you can choose the best one according to your requirement. If you have other storage ways for your pellets, packing machine is not necessary.

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Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd (GEMCO) is one of the earliest leading biofuel technology and equipment suppliers in china which specialized in the design and manufacture of biomass energy renewable system, mainly refers to pellet mill, briquette machine and oil press. GEMCO established in 1990, it is ISO9000 approved and our products have obtained CE certification. GEMCO provides you complete turn-key project services including consultancy, design, manufacture, installation, training, spare parts, maintenance, etc.

At GEMCO, developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority and it is dedicated to the research and development of biomass pelletizing technology since 2003. For over 10 years, we have been accumulating sufficient experience and knowledge in the production of biofuel machinery to manufacture pellets from wood sawdust, straw, grass and various biomass materials, even plastic...

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