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Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd (GEMCO) is one of the earliest leading biofuel technology and equipment suppliers in china which specialized in the design and manufacture of biomass energy renewable system, mainly refers to pellet mill, briquette machine and oil press. GEMCO established in 1990, it is ISO9000 approved and our products have obtained CE certification. GEMCO provides you complete turn-key project services including consultancy, design, manufacture, installation, training, spare parts, maintenance, etc.

At GEMCO, developing and manufacturing of quality, industry-leading products is always a top priority and it is dedicated to the research and development of biomass pelletizing technology since 2003. For over 10 years, we have been accumulating sufficient experience and knowledge in the production of biofuel machinery to manufacture pellets from wood sawdust, straw, grass and various biomass materials, even plastic. Thanks to the know-how and expertise of our engineering teams, we successfully adjusted the main machines – such as the ring die pellet mill and by enhancing the lubrication system we further developed the features of their components, improving the reliability of the mechanical power transmission and the stability of the rotary systems during the pelletizing process. In addition, according to the international advanced biomass solidification technologies, we developed our solid biomass pelletizing complete plant, which can make clean energy biomass pellets from agriculture and forestry waste such as sawdust, shavings, and wood scraps. The final pellets are smooth with no cracks, high density, and uniform length, which meeting the international standard requirements. In addition, our company developed the newly oil expeller which can be used for various

raw materials, such as ground nuts, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, coconuts/copra, tea seeds, etc.

Our company takes the lead in biomass pellet machinery research and development, production and allocation in China. We own a large scale ring die workshop for the production of molds. Simultaneously, we also own the most advanced ring die vacuum quenching furnace equipments. And our team can provide you with a customized production line design according to your requirements, raw materials, etc. we provide you an all-round service including investigation, adjustment, delivery, installation of production facilities and pelletizing training, we guarantee our quality of our products and after-sales service, including machine maintenance and spare parts. All customers’ inquiries, requirements and questions will be responded by our professional staff. Our company’s mission is best service, high quality, competitive price, and timely delivery. We are committed to cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit; we sincerely hope to become your reliable partner and supplier for biomass pelletizing services.

Our office address is Suite B, 4/F Jinhao Business Building, Renmin Road, Anyang, Henan, P.R.C. and our factory is located in Chaoyue machinery and Electronic Industrial Park, New High-Technology Industry Clustering Area, Anyang, Henan, China.

Patented technology

Currently, we master the core technology and have more than ten national patented technologies and over a hundred of patented applied technologies.

1. Disassembling and installing device for biomass pellet mill rollers.
With a simple but delicate structure, compact volume, we design the disassembling and installing device. It is made from sturdy and durable materials which makes the installing and disassembling of the roller standard easier, faster and convenient. The shaft can be pressed into the roller by the lifting-jack in the invented device. The installation is accurate due to uniform pressure which can prevent the roller from harm because of hammering.

2. Forged synthesis shaft
We design the forged synthesis shaft with two circular arc shape shaft heads which enlarges the joint surface between shaft heads and roller seat, this can keep the two shaft heads transmit balanced pressure at same time to the roller, and to a large extent prevent the machines and accessories from damage.

3. Interference fit joint double ring die
When producing the biomass pellet or other kinds of pellets, the fatigue strength of the ring die can be strengthened by our patent innovation, which can keep it from breakage and make sure a longer serving life.

4. Air cooling and dedusting system
Our self-innovated biomass pellet mills adopt the air cooling and dedusting system, in this system, temperature in the pelletizing chamber is used to be cooled down by the flowing air which removes the impurities and dusts produced during pelletizing and recycle the raw material power expelled out accidently, this can save the cost, lengthen pellets mills services life and improving the pellets productivity, which is a breakthrough in the pellet making field.

5. Ring die broaching machine
This machine makes the operation handle cooperate with the drill perfectly and stably, making sure the broaching have high efficiency, accuracy and stability, but with low energy consumption.

6. Belt conveyor
In order to meet the requirements of horizontal conveying, furbelow shape keep-off edges cooperate with the baffle board and it can prevent damages and tears to happen when the conveying angle changes. The baffle can present the sliding of the goods, improve the convey efficiency. In addition, slant conveying and other combined conveying are adopted with the slope and angle being set according to the requirements which solves the problem of conveying with the angle below 45 degrees.

7. Rotary dryer
The innovated rotary dryer has the features of low energy consumption, stable power transmission, and good drying effect.

8. The lubrication device
This new device through the delivery pipe to deliver the oil to the main shaft by taking the advantage of the flowing nature of oil which makes shaft balls access the oil fully, thus can improve the lubrication environment, moreover, because the oil is in the chamber of pellets mill main body, there is no pollution. In addition, an oil cup where the flowing of the oil can be observed is set outside at the end of the main shaft.

9. Silo
The silo links to the feeding device, which makes sure to convey the raw materials into the feeding hopper smoothly, automatically, evenly and stably, prevents from block and bridge effectively.

10. Slice pulverizer
This machine has two functions of slicing and pulverizing, this can make low equipments cost and low use cost, in addition, at the end of the main shaft, there is a cutter head where the raw materials conveyed through the side feed inlet are sliced or pulverized by the blades according to requirements.

Why choose us

1. Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd (GEMCO) has the largest Chinese market share, and it has its own production factory which is convenient to conduct on-site investigation.

2. Our company has more than 10 years experience in the production of biofuels machinery to manufacture pellets from wood sawdust, straw, grass and various biomass materials, even plastic. And also we are the first biomass pellet plant manufacturing enterprise. We have built an intimate cooperation relation with Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

3. Our company pays attention to the innovation and know-how, up to now; we have possessed ten patented technologies.

4. A wide range of raw materials can be used for the Pelletization in our company, we master the mature pelletizing technology for the following materials: groundnut-shell, sugarcane biogases, caster shells/stalk, saw dust, coffee husk, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalks, tobacco waste, mustard stalk, jute waste, bamboo dust, tea waste, wheat straw, palm husk, soybeans husk, coir pitch barks/straws, rice husks, forestry wastes, wood chips, spruce , pineapple peel, grass powder ,pigeon feedstuff, plastic and many other agro wastes.

5. Our pellet mills can constantly be lubricated while operating 24 hours without stop. The oil is delivered to the main shaft through the delivery pipe by the new lubrication device due to the advantage of the flowing nature of oil, which makes shaft balls access the oil fully, improve the lubrication environment. Meanwhile in the chamber of pellets mill main body causes no pollution to the oil. In addition, at the end of the main shaft, where the flowing of the oil can be observed, an oil cup is set outside.

6. Air cooling system, the national patented technology, is adopted to the pellet machines, which lengthens their working life for 70%.

In the air cooling system, the flowing air is used to cool down the temperature in the pelletizing chamber, remove the impurities and dusts produced during Pelletization and recycle the raw material powder, saving the cost, lengthening pellets mills service life and improving the pellets productivity, which is a breakthrough in the field.

7. PLC is adopted, making it possible of auto control, which endows the pellet mill has the advantage of high reliability, simple operation, wide application and low labor cost.

8. The energy consumption of our products is 30% lower than competitors in the field in China.

9. Word advanced gear power transmission technology is adopted by the pellet mill products, compared with belt power transmission technology, the working efficiency getting 15% up, while the attrition 30% down.

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