When making biomass pellets in pelleting plant, usually in this process there are lots of materials should be transported. Because the power consumption of belt conveyor is extremely low, it is rather an optimal choice for customers. The belt conveyor provided by GEMCO is not only with affordable equipment, but also according to your specially requirement to make a carefully designed plan in pelletization plant. Therefore, choose GEMCO belt conveyor can make sure you gain the most suitable type of conveyors which can help you increase the efficiency. Generally, there are two types of belt conveyor: the chevron belt conveyor and the skirt belt conveyor. For example, for transporting raw material, you can choose the chevron type belt conveyor, whereas for pellet transportation the skirt belt conveyor will be more suitable.

Feature of the chevron type belt conveyor:

If you want to strengthen the holding power to the material, the chevron type of belt conveyor will be the most suitable choice as the function of it is just like this which can prevent slicing and to gather the material in the middle.
pellet mill chevron conveyor
Chevron type belt conveyor

Feathers and Advantage of skirt belt conveyor

  • It is high abrasion resistance material; therefore it is more pliable and stiffer.
  • When running around the wheels, the special design of the skirt type edge can make it smoother. In addition, the pellets are not easy to slip.

pellet mill skirt pattern vonveyor
Skirt belt conveyor

What is screw conveyor?

Screw conveyor for pellet making.

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