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Introduction of gasoline wood pellet mill

Nowadays, with the increasing tension of global energy, biomass energy is valued by all countries for its renewability, pollution-free, and universality. GEMCO also follows the trend of this era. In the research of wood pellet mill products, we continue to innovate and make continuous efforts to make better products.

Gasoline wood pellet mill is a new type of wood pellet machine developed specifically for biomass raw materials, which is suitable for pelleting many kinds of biomass raw materials. The gear-box is made of high quality alloy steel, surface carburizing and quenching treatment, fine grinding precision machining, smooth transmission, low noise, big bearing capacity, low temperature rise and long service life. The box body increases strong gluten, and the pressure tolerance is greater.

120Q gasoline flat die pellet mill 150Q gasoline flat die pellet mill
120Q Gasoline Wood Pellet Mill 150Q Gasoline Wood Pellet Mill

Characteristics of gasoline wood pellet mill

  • The product design of gasoline wood pellet mill still follows the advantages of small size and simple operation.
  • Gasoline wood pellet mill adopts the design of gasoline motor. The appearance is small and simple, and the movement is simple and convenient.
  • The design of flat die and rotating die.
  • The model has ZLMP-S 120Q and ZLMP-S 150Q, the output is respectively 60-100 kg/h, 90-120 kg/h.
  • In addition, the product pays more attention to energy saving and electricity saving, and the quality is also guaranteed.
  • Gasoline wood pellet mill is suitable for household, such as heating fuel production equipment, small boiler, etc.

Application range of gasoline wood pellet mill

  1. Crude fiber, such as sawdust, rice hell, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and other crop stalks.
  2. Domestic waste, factory waste, materials with low adhesion and difficult to shape.
  3. Biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other low temperature pelleting.

Models of gasoline wood pellet mill

GEMCO uses the letter "Q" to indicate that the engine of gasoline wood pellet mill is in the form of a gasoline engine. The parameters are as follows.

Model number Power(HP) Output(kg/h) N.W./G.W.(kg) Package Size(mm)
ZLMP-S 120Q 7.5 60-100 120/140 900*500*730
ZLMP-S 150Q 10 90-120 180/220 1000*500*750

Common pellets production line with gasoline wood pellet mill

Common pellets production line with gasoline wood pellet mill

Hammer mill

Hammer mill is a very important support equipment for pellet mill. As an ideal biomass crushing machine, hammer mill can crush haulm, straw, wood chips, branches, forest waste and other biomass raw materials. Then these raw materials are suitable for making pellets.


Mixer is used for two or more raw materials mixing. This mixer is an efficient mixing equipment, with simple and reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, safety and reliability, high mixing uniformity and few residues. It can be used with gasoline wood pellet mill.


The use of conveyor is to feed pellet mill more efficiently. Conveyor is mainly used for the delivery of various powdery, granular, and small loose materials.

Gasoline wood pellet mill

Wood pellet mill is the main machine for the production of biomass pellets or wood pellets. Gasoline wood pellet mill is one type of wood pellet mill. GEMCO gasoline wood pellet mill has high quality and reasonable price. You can choose a suitable model for your pellet production.

Gasoline wood pellet mill for sale

How much is a gasoline wood pellet mill? What is the price of gasoline wood pellet mill? For details of the price and product, please send your email to us, we will give you a detailed answer.

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