Three Cylinder Drum Dryer

Three cylinder drum dryer

Drum dryer is necessary during the process of pelletizing; a three-cylinder drum dryer refers to a drum dryer which contains 3 concentric cylinders. It is the choice of high throughput capacity. In special design of three cylinder drum dryer there are three drying zones: inner one, middle one and outer one. The lifting flights mounted on the inner wall. A product with high moisture content is moving in a spiral way by gravity, it is put in from the inlet of the hopper, sent to the inner cylinder, and then moves to the middle cylinder where evaporation of moisture is promoted further. the inner and middle cylinders are wrapped by the outer one, forming a heat insulation system. The hot air is sent to the inner cylinder, passes through the middle and outer cylinders. The heat emitted by the inner and middle cylinders is again functioning in the heat exchange for material in the outer cylinder. Adopt this heat work principle, the three-cylinder rotary dryer therefore realizes in decreasing the heat loss and increasing the heat exchange efficiency.  GEMCO, as the pellet mill suppliers, also supply quality three cylinder drum dryer.

three cylinder drum dryer display

Three cylinders drum dryer features and advantages:

  • Simple designed self-insulation cylinder improves the heat efficiency which makes the drying process fast.
  • Refined structure and stable operation, safe to people and environment. Self extinguisher, on noise and dust.
  • Compared to the traditional dryer, it is energy saving and low cost because of the automatically controlled, non-stop drying, and the fuel of the hot stove can be coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
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