Diesel pellet machine working principle and characteristics

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Diesel pellet machine adopts the design of diesel engine. The appearance is small and simple, so the diesel pellet machine is easy to move. Diesel pellet machine also is flat die pellet machine. Diesel pellet machine is suitable for making wood pellets, the highest output is 250-400 kg/h.

Diesel pellet machine

Introduction of diesel pellet machine

Diesel pellet machine is exactly sawdust pellet machine with diesel engine, it can process (press) withered branches, straws, leaves, sawdust and other waste into cylindrical pellets. The design of structure is reasonable, the yield can be up to 400 kg/h.

Users can choose different diameters of hole according to their own requirements, so that they can make different sizes of biomass pellets. Depending on different biomass raw materials, customers can also choose dies with different compression ratios. Finally, many types of biomass pellets are finished.

Sawdust diesel pellet machine

Working principle of diesel pellet machine

Sawdust diesel pellet machine uses diesel engine as the power of main shaft, and then works circularly on the basis.

Driving the main shaft by the gear, then friction between roller and die, the friction temperature can be up to 80 ° C. Through the action of high temperature, under the action of the press roll, the raw materials pass through the hole on the die, and the high quality molding pellets will roll out from the outlet. At the same time, the length of the pellet can be set according to the position of the knife. You can adjust the position of the knife head by yourself.

Product characteristics of diesel pellet machine

  • The structure design is scientific, reasonable and simple. The size is small, the noise is low.
  • Biomass raw materials are dry and the made pellets are also dry. A small type of pellet machine, easy to make pellets, high output, and low energy consumption.
  •  Diesel pellet machine has high molding rate of pellet. Pellets has high hardness and smooth surface, the storage and transportation is convenient.
  • The size of aperture is 2.5-10 mm, the sizes are suitable for different raw materials. The most suitable size can process perfect pellets.
  •   Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.
  • Using diesel engineer can save electricity, diesel pellet machine can work directly in the field. Direct oil burning is convenient.
  • Diesel pellet machine has D-type and R-type.
D-type diesel pellet machine
D-type diesel pellet machine
R-type diesel pellet mahcine
R-type diesel pellet mahcine

Which users are the diesel pellet machine suitable for?

  1. In the remote mountain area, because of the inconvenience of traffic and uneven road surface, the users are inconvenient to use electricity.
  2. Users who are pelletizing out of doors.
  3. No three phase electricity is used, but a user is required for production.

Diesel pellet machine lubrication

lubricating part Oil type Fueling cycle Change-over period
Roller Lithium base grease 2 times per shift  
Main shaft Lithium base grease 1 times per shift  
Gear box Hyperbolic gear oil First refueling to the specified position 6 mouths

GEMCO diesel pellet machine

GEMCO has established R & D department of biomass pellet machinery and equipment, which is dedicated to the research and development and innovation of pellet mechanical products. Through a large number of experiments, improvements and technological innovations, GEMCO finally developed the small pellet machine. Small pellet machine has 4 types of power source, including electric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and PTO. This series of pellet machines have broken through the limitations of the traditional pellet machine, and meet the customers' demand for commercial biomass granulation.

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