Electric Control System

To improve the production capacity and low energy consumption, GEMCO provides two types of electric control system:

General electrical control system

This is widely used in biomass pellet plant at present, the working status of the main motor, such as the status of the current, the voltage and power consumption of per hour can be displayed effectively by the speed controller and the advanced electrical apparatus elements, and the automatic coupling controller is used to control the startup of the current and voltage.

PLC control system

Through the continuous research and efforts of GEMCO, HS-PLC Pellet Mill Automatic Control System is designed and invented by the center of GEMCO research and development. It is with the feature of lower consumption and makes sure the maintenance of the biomass pellet plant. According to the working conditions of the pellet mill, the feeding amount and the mixing of raw materials can be automatically controlled by this system. If you can ensure the pellet machine of the best operational performance that increases the work efficiency and productivity of the pellet mills and to a great extent saves energy. Moreover, various services such as runtime history checks, timely maintenance reminders, etc can be provided by the multi-functional system.

The main components

HS-PLC Pellet Mill Automatic Control System mainly consists of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); frequency converter; temperature, torque and moisture transducer; control system and low-voltage apparatus, etc.

Working principles

HS-PLC pellet mill automatic control system consists of the observation system for the principle computer, SIEMENS PLC, frequency converter and profibus DP, etc. On touch screen you can operate the host system, and then the parameters on productivity, moisture content and so on are set. The data information such as temperature, torque, current, moisture content, etc is displayed, in addition, the working status can be set and you can gain the information provided by the helping center. PLC control system can control the system and have the functions of fault diagnosis, alarming and handling for GEMCO biomass wood pellet machine plant.

The features of PLC control system:

1. Operators with different identities can log in as long the operators choose an identity on the landing interface, shown as the picture

An example project in China

2. Real time monitoring, after logging in the first interface is the main interface where the real time monitoring can be conducted by clicking on the different functional buttons on the interface, as the following picture

Overview of the whole system

3. Flexible switch between manual & automatic operation button. The operator can click the remote auto button to switch into the automatic operation after making sure the automatic production line runs normally, in the main interface, all the processes of each functional sections and the entire dynamic production process of the production line from the feeding of raw materials to the Pelletization of the pellets are supervised by the operator.

4. Flexible operation, remote hand control
When a specific section of or the entire production line is needed under certain circumstance, the remote hand control button can be pressed by the operator, and then according to the requirements choose the proper functional button.

flexible operating, remote hand control

reading file virable test report

5. If the operator clicks on the alarm check button, the system will switch into the alarm recording interface, where the host system records and analyses all the alarm information, supporting data support for the on-site technicians.

Alarm check provides data support

6. After clicking on the trend analysis button, the trend analysis interface will be presented, on this interface, the system operational parameters will be presented in visualized diagrams and you can observe the trend of the system operational parameters clearly.

visualized trend analysis

The HS-PLC pellet mill automatic control system adopts the advanced technology in the field; it is the trend of electric control system.

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