Selection and Purchase of Biomass Pellet Raw Materials

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Users of biomass pellets will be concerned about the quality of biomass pellet fuel when they first purchase biomass pellet fuel, but they have never been exposed to it and certainly do not know how to judge the quality of biomass pellet fuel. Biomass pellet fuel manufacturers also pay more attention to the quality of their own biomass pellet fuel. Good pellets require good raw materials. So, what are the precautions for the purchase of biomass pellet raw materials? Today we will talk about our experience in the management and control of biomass pellet raw materials. High quality biomass pellet raw materials should be selected through the types, moisture, ash, size of raw materials.

Biomass Pellet Raw Materials

Matters needing attention in selecting and purchasing biomass pellet raw materials

Types of raw materials

Agricultural residues and forestry wastes are mainly utilized. The biomass raw materials are processed into cigarette stick-like biomass pellet fuel by biomass pellet machine. According to different raw materials, biomass pellets can be divided into peanut hull pellet, rice hull pellet, miscellaneous wood pellet, pine pellet, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica pellet and other major categories. Various biomass pellet fuels are processed according to the types of raw materials. The types of raw materials mainly determine the calorific value of the biomass pellet fuel you produce. Some boilers need to burn high calorific value pellet, others do not need to burn high calorific value of pure sawdust. Consult us to learn about the calorific value of various biomass pellet fuels.

Moisture of raw materials

When biomass pellet machine processes biomass pellets, there are strict requirements for water. It's not good to have higher or lower water content. When choosing biomass raw materials, it is suggested that water content should be controlled between 14% and 20%. When the moisture content is low, the forming degree is poor. When the moisture content is high, it is easy to disperse and not form. When purchasing biomass pellet fuel, we must pay attention to purchasing the pellet manufacturer with good moulding degree of biomass pellet.

Ash content of raw materials

Ash is an important factor in determining the quality of biomass pellet fuel, especially wood pellet. The ash content of wood pellet fuel determines what type of biomass boiler it burns. Therefore, how to control the ash content of raw materials is also the key point for each biomass pellet fuel manufacturer. Generally, the ash content of pine pellet is about 2%, miscellaneous wood pellet is about 5%, the ash content of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica pellet is less than 1%, the ash content of peanut hull pellet is about 12%, and that of rice hull pellet is about 15%.

Size of raw materials

The size of raw materials determines the processing procedure of biomass pellet fuel. Sawdust, wood shavings, peanut hulls, rice hulls and other materials can be processed without crushing, while larger raw materials such as leftover bits and pieces need to be crushed and processed. Crushing increases the cost and easily increases impurities. So it's also important to choose the right size raw materials.

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