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So far GEMCO pellet press machine has small pellet press machine, home use pellet mill, flat die pellet mill, ring die pellet mill, wood pellet press machine, feed pellet machine, biomass pellet plant, hammer mill, feeder, conveyor and other support machines.

Application and types of pellet press machine

Application of GEMCO pellet press machine

GEMCO pellet press machine is suitable for processing sawdust, straw, rice husk, wood chips, feed and other biomass raw materials into high density pellets. Feed pellets are used to raise livestock, the pellets are convenient for storage and transportation. Biomass pellets can get heat energy by burning, which are widely used in the fields of heating, generating electricity and etc. Biomass pellet is an alternative fuel for non renewable energy such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, which can not only save energy but also reduce carbon emission. Biomass pellet is is a kind of high efficiency and clean renewable energy.

Types of GEMCO pellet press machine

Ring Die Pellet Mill
flat die pellet press
  1. Ring die pellet press and flat die pellet press. The main different is the die. Flat die pellet press is also called small pellet machine.
  2. Feed pellet press machine and biomass pellet machine. Feed pellet press mainly produces feed pellets, biomass pellet machine is mainly used for the production of fuel pellets. Biomass pellet machine also has wood pellet machine and straw pellet machine.

Types of flat die pellet press

  1. R-type flat die pellet press and D-type flat die pellet press.
  2. Flat die pellet press with electric motor, flat die pellet press with gasoline engine, flat die pellet press with diesel engine, flat die pellet press with PTO.

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How to choose and buy a pellet press machine?

With the various limitations of natural resources increasing, the important status of biomass energy is gradually protruding. As one of the tools of biomass energy conversion, the pellet press machine is also getting more and more attention. So how to choose a suitable pellet press machine has also become a headache for many people. How to choose and buy a pellet press machine?

pellet press machine
pellet press machine for sale

Many biomass pellet machines are produced on the basis of the feed pellet machine. However, there is an essential difference between feed and biomass raw materials, it is obviously powerless that processing biomass pellets by feed pellet machine, the most important performance is that the powder is too much, and it is difficult to form. So, customer must consider clearly your own usage when buying a pellet press machine. Pelletizing of feed pellets or biomass (sawdust, straw, rice husk) pellets?

The case of a multipurpose machine can be realized, but the difference in raw material is the biggest obstacle to the pellet press machine. Even the biomass pellet press machine, the effect of sawdust pellets and straw pellets is different. 

  1. To determine your own raw materials.
  2. You need to communicate with the manufacturer to determine the pellet press machine model.
  3. Having a test for your sample of raw materials.
  4. Finally, buying the most suitable pellet press machine.

Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co., Ltd (GEMCO) has been working on the development and production of biomass energy equipment for many years. At present, the flat die pellet press machine has been exported to many countries. We develop and design pellet press machine according to the different needs of the customers. Taking the customer's demand as the center and saving energy as our own responsibility. For many years, we have won the trust and approval of the broad masses of customers.

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