Supporting Equipment

Screw Conveyor

What is screw conveyor? The screw conveyor is an equipment that can make use of the motor to drive spiral rotation, which can push and move the biomass materials to come true the purpose of conveying. It can finish horizontal, inclined or v...Read More >

Electric Control System

GEMCO provides two types of electric control system: General and PLC in biomass pellet plant which can improve the production capacity and low energy consumption. ...Read More >

Grease Injector

Grease injector is a machine that greases the bearings of roller automatically. For the complete wood pellet plant, GEMCO provides the automatic grease injector. ...Read More >

Heat Stove for Dryer

Heat stove is a machine that being equipped with stoker, and adopts wood pellets, wood block; the main function is to dry materials when make your own pellets....Read More >

Dust Filter

In mobile pellet plant, dust filter has feature of easy to disassemble and maintain. Within a small workspace can finish a square meter of filtering capacity. ...Read More >

Feed Distributor

Feed distributor is necessary when your biomass pellet mill plant has 3 or more ring die pellet mills, the system is simple, easy to operate and observe. ...Read More >

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator can transport raw materials to the needed position. It’s important in the pellet mill process, GEMCO bucket elevator is your best choice. ...Read More >


In pelletization plant, belt conveyor is an optimal choice for customers; it’s not only with affordable equipment, but also according to your special requirement. ...Read More >


Mixer is a kind of machine which can be used for fully mixing material of more than 2 kinds. Before using a pelletmaker, a GEMCO mixer is necessary and reliable....Read More >

Vibrating Sieve

In the wood pellet plant, there is necessary to have a vibrating sieve which can pick out the bigger pieces of raw material, we provides reliable vibrating sieve....Read More >

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator can separate iron scrap from raw material in wood pellets plants. GEMCO pays attention to work safety on wood pellets line. ...Read More >

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