Screw Conveyor

What is screw conveyor?

The screw conveyor is an equipment that can make use of the motor to drive spiral rotation, which can push and move the biomass materials to come true the purpose of conveying. It can finish horizontal, inclined or vertical transmission. Screw conveyor has the following advantages: simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing, convenient operation, easy maintenance, easy closed transportation, etc. The screw conveyor commonly also is called the twisted dragon machine. It is a widely used conveying equipment for mining, feed, fuel, grain, oil and construction. Screw conveyor is made of steel, which can be used for conveying high temperature powder or solid particles and some other products of chemical industry or building materials.

screw conveyor for pellet making
What is screw conveyor?

The application of screw conveyor in the pellet production line

Before knowing the use of the screw conveyor in the pellet production line, we should first know the devices of pellet production line. Whatever the output capacity is large or small, a complete production line generally contains the following equipment: crushing machine, drying machine, conveyor, feed distributor, pellet making machine, cooling machine, packaging machine. The main function of screw conveyor has two points. 
screw conveyor in the pellet production line
  • Firstly, after the raw materials are crushed, the screw conveyor can convey the powder materials to the pellet making equipment for making pellet. 
  • Secondly, after pellet making, the screw conveyor can convey the pellet to the cooling machine to finish cooling. So we can see, the screw conveyor is one of the indispensable equipments to finish pellet making.

Daily management and maintenance of screw conveyor

When using the screw conveyor, the user must pay attention to its daily maintenance. Then the screw conveyor can cooperate well with other equipments as far as possible, which can guarantee the output capacity and efficiency and prolong the service life of equipment. Users should regularly add lubricating oil to the bearings, gears, chains and some other driving medium.

  1. When the screw conveyor stop working, the user should check the wear of the spiral blade, it will need to repair welding once the wear is serious.
  2. The conveying capacity can not be overloaded, or the material will not be discharged, which will cause the screw axis bending.
  3. When the frequency of conveying medium is high, the user should pay attention to the scale change of conveyor body. If it is with the seized up place, you have to solve it as soon as possible.
  4. When the screw conveyor working with shrill noise, you should open the cover to check and debug the breakdown.

The characteristics of the screw conveyor

  • Screw conveyor has simple structure and low cost.
  • Screw conveyor has the reliable operation, and it is easy to maintain and manage.
  • Screw conveyor has compact size, small cross section size and small cover area. When needing to finish unloading truck or unloading ship at the port, it will be easy to enter or exit the hatch and carriage.
  • Screw conveyor can finish the seal transport, which will be helpful for conveying light, hot and strong scent materials, also can reduce the environment pollution and improve the port working conditions.
  • The loading and unloading will be convenient when using the screw conveyor.
  • Screw conveyor can finish reverse transportation, also can make one conveyor convey material to both directions at the same time.
  • The material is easy to be crushed or wear in the process of conveying, the wear of the screw blade and the feed trough is more serious.

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