Use of small wood pelletizer machine and its advantages

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What is small wood pelletizer machine?

Small wood pelletizer machine is a special mechanical equipment which produces biomass raw materials into high quality pellets with high density and flammability. These biomass raw materials include sawdust, corn straw, peanut shell, rice straw, cotton stalks, twigs, edible fungus waste and other raw materials.

small wood pelletizer machine

Biomass raw materials of small pelletizer machine

Including plant, animal and microbe, such as straws, wood chips, byproduct of agricultural products processing industry, forestry and agricultural residues, livestock manure and waste in the production of animal husbandry.

Cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin are contained in biomass raw materials. The structure is loose and the density is small. When these raw materials are subjected to external forces, they will undergo rearrange the position, mechanical deformation and plastic deformation. The inelastic or viscoelastic cellulose molecules will be intertwined and twisted together to reduce volume and increase density.

Precautions for the use of small pelletizer machine

the use of small pelletizer machine

The operator must pay attention to safety when using a small pelletizer machine.

  1. The operator should read the instruction manual, be familiar with the performance, structure and operation method of the small sawdust pelletizer machine, and then installs, debugs, uses and maintains it according to its regulation.
  2. Hard sundries should be removed from the raw materials so as to avoid damage to the small pelletizer machine.
  3. When the raw materials are produced, the hand is strictly forbidden to be inserted into the transmission and granulation cavity of the small sawdust pelletizer machine.
  4. The wear of the flat die and the roller must be checked regularly.
  5. If it is necessary to adjust or inspect the maintenance of small sawdust pelletizer machine, the power supply must be cut off in order to ensure safety.
  6. The electric motor must be connected to the ground wire to avoid accidents.

Which parts of the small sawdust pelletizer machine need to be lubricated?

In the process of reproduction of small sawdust pelletizer machine, we should not only check the wear condition of flat die and roller, but also check whether the roller, principal axis and gear box are lubricated. If not lubricated, these parts are also easily damaged, can not make the small sawdust pelletizer machine normal use, and then also prone to accidents. So, we must remember the lubricating parts when we use the small sawdust pelletizer machine.

Lubricating part Type of oil Refueling cycle Oil exchange cycle
Roller Lithium base grease 2 times per class  
Main axis Lithium base grease 2 times per class  
Gear box Hyperbolic gear oil First refueling to the specified position 6 mouths

Social significance of using small sawdust pelletizer machine

Social significance of using small sawdust pelletizer machine
  1. Increasing the promotion of biomass energy reduces not only the cost but also the pollution of the environment.
  2. It solves the social problem of "double prohibition" of crop stalks and urban plant wastes,  which not only improve their comprehensive utilization rate, but also provide new environmentally friendly fuel for industrial production, biomass power generation, restaurants, hotels and residents' life.
  3. Biomass energy comes from green plants and can consume a large amount of carbon dioxide in the course of photosynthesis, so it is called zero emission energy. The development of biomass energy and replacing coal with biomass fuel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce oxycarbide and nitrogen oxides and other air pollution, and reduce the occurrence of acid rain.
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