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Different small wood pellet machines have different operation methods, now I tell you how to use our machine (GEMCO small wood pellet machine).

  1. Before using GEMCO small wood pellet machine, you need to check whether the screws are fastened.
  2. Before opening the machine, the two screws on both ends of the press wheel need to be loosened. Then starting the motor, and you should observe whether the drive is the same as that of the logo.
  3. New die plate grinding-in. When the small wood pellet machine is used for the first time, new die plate grinding-in should be carried out. The method is as follows, mixing 5 kg of raw materials and 1 kg of fine sand, and then adding 1 kg of waste oil to mix well. Starting the machine, adding the raw material, adjusting the roller bolt with the wrench, and waiting for the normal out of the material. The adjustment gap can not be too small, otherwise it will damage the roller and flat die. You can keep the machine running for 1 hours and then add the normal raw material for production. If the raw material can not be normally out of pellet, the roller bolt should be slightly loosed to the normal discharge. If it is still not normal to produce pellets after the adjustment, you can use steel nails to make the oil or dry raw materials out of the die. And then grinding-in again. When the operator completes a day's granulation work and after the pressing of the raw material in the granulation room, you should add the oil (raw material and 10% waste oil) into the machine and fill the die hole to ensure that the die is not blocked. So the operator will be ready for the next operation, and the next start device will save a lot of time.
  4. The moisture of raw materials should be adjusted to 14%-18%, too high or too low water content will affect the yield and quality of the pellets. The raw material should be mixed evenly and the water is consistent.
  5. The use of small wood pellet machine. Stop the feed before the shutdown. After the raw materials are processed, the oil materials are pressed into the die hole to keep the hole smooth, so that the blockage will not happen next time.
  6. In normal production, the roller bearings must be cleaned once in five days with gasoline or diesel, and high speed lubricating oil is injected at the same time. The gear is maintained for half a year, and the shaft bearing is cleaned for 7 days.
  7. Adjustment of roller and die gap. The gap between the roller and the die has a great influence on the quality of pelletizing, and the general gap should be between 0.05 mm and 0.3 mm. When the gap is more than 0.3 mm, the material layer is too thick, and the distribution is uneven, and the production of granulating is reduced. When the gap is less than 0.05 mm, the wear of the machine is serious. Adjustment method of the gap between die and roller: you can adjust the screw with the internal six angle wrench (spare part), and notice that the screws on both sides should be adjusted evenly.
  8. Selection of hole depth and aperture (compression ratio) of die plate. The flat die with small compression ratio has high output and low hardness. On the other hand, the yield is low and the hardness is high. So the user should choose different dies according to the needs, and provide raw material when necessary. We will customize the die for you.
  9. The length of the pellet is adjusted by adjusting the height of the cutter at the edge of the outlet.
  10. The temperature of the processed pellets is high, they should be put in the ventilated place. When cool to room temperature, the pellets can be stored in bags.

For more operation methods of small wood pellet machine, such as replacement method of flat die, please visit our website at www.pelletmillsystem.com or contact one of our sales team. Leave your message now!

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