How to choose a wood pellet press machine?

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Wood pellet press machine is a kind of environment-friendly machinery which specializes in the production of biomass pellet fuel. It has made a great contribution to environmental protection. With the popularity of wood pellet press, there are more and more investors. There are more and more problems in the process of selecting wood pellet press machines. How to choose a wood pellet press machine? What are the purchase misunderstandings of wood pellet press machines?

How to choose a wood pellet press machine
  1. The quality of wood pellet press machine does not depend on the appearance, but the internal factors of the equipment, the raw materials of the equipment and the assembly structure. One casting must be stronger and more durable than welding. The assembly has a direct impact on the service life of the device. When installing all the running parts of the equipment, regular manufacturers will do balanced debugging to make it highly concentric. This will not produce vibration at high speed, so the equipment is stable and it is not easy to damage the wood pellet press machine.
  2. On-the-spot investigation must be carried out when selecting a wood pellet press machine. Are all the accessories of the factory equipment processed by the manufacturer? A full set of processing equipment can guarantee the accuracy of processing. If the machining accuracy is high, the installation accuracy between parts and accessories will be high, the wear degree of operation will be greatly reduced, and the stability and life of the equipment will be longer.
  3. At present, there are two kinds of flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine in the market. You can choose a suitable one according to your needs and seller's advice.
  4. The core part of the equipment is the transmission system, you should choose the gear drive instead of the original belt drive. The belt has a certain sliding property, it is difficult to convert the power completely, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of the braising machine. Belt transmission life cycle is short, and it is easy to damage and difficult to maintain. Gear transmission has better fixity and precision, and small manufacturers can't do it.
  5. Go to the field to test the raw materials to see if the raw materials can be processed and achieve output per hour and ideal state.
  6. The manufacturer has its own biomass pellet production base.
  7. After understanding the size and culture of the company, we must first understand the real output of the manufacturer's wood pellet press machine, not the output said by the salesman. The best and most direct way is that tracking the production process at the factory to understand the real situation, so you know not only the output but the stability of the equipment. The second is to visit the customers of the equipment manufacturer to understand the customer's quality reflection to the equipment and the evaluation of the after-sale service. Any equipment will have bad time and failure, so after sale is especially important.

Purchase misunderstandings of wood pellet press machines

  1. Small power and high output. Some users want to buy equipment with small energy consumption and high output. But how do you have high output without enough power? It's like a motor vehicle. You need to choose the right wood pellet press depending on the need of the yield.
  2. Buyers only pay attention to the price of wood pellet press. The products that are bought at a high price are not necessarily the best, but the quality of the products purchased at a low price will not be the best. The reasonable price is the guarantee of the quality and the work effect. Therefore, there must be a cooperative development and a reasonable and sincere attitude to select equipment.
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