Use flow and application scope of wood pellet making machine

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The processing flow of wood pellet making machine in the process of using

It is necessary to confirm the discharging situation of the silo and the residues of each process, and to understand the status and production plan of the wood pellet making machine before turning on the pellet machine. If you can open the steam traps for about two minutes and drop the condensed water in the steam in advance, the starting will be more smoothly. 

wood pellet making machine

The start-up process of the wood pellet making machine

  • Firstly, the wood pellet making machine will start to operate when pressing the host button on the electric control cabinet. But at this time, the wood pellet making machine is not really started, it can’t granulate. We must remember that also we can’t add oil to wash the mold.
  • Secondly, we should first put some oil materials to wash the die about one minute. With the activation delay of the wood pellet making machine, the ammeter shows normal. It is essential to heat up the ring mold. 
  • Thirdly, at the beginning of feeding, the feeding quantity shall not exceed 20% of the production capacity of the pellet mill, so as to prevent the pellet mill from feeding too much materials in a moment. Sudden increasing of load will cause a blockage or mechanical damage. It is very important to remember this.
  • Finally, when the raw materials have been adjusted, closing the feed door to press the pellets, and then hand can loosen. In the machining process of the wood pellet making machine, we need to see if the host current is stable. Adjusting the feed quantity and steam addition according to the production performance and the current load of the pellet mill. The feeding quantity has to be adjusted to high speed gradually at low speed and you need to adjust the steam adding amount according to the humidity of the material. Most importantly, the wood pellet making machine should avoid overwork, which can lead to the die cracking and damage to the mill itself. The user should not be careless and impatient when using a new mould. It is necessary to properly wear the new mould before it reaches the optimal production capacity.

Wood pellet making machine is professionally developed to process such biomass materials as sawdust, straw, rice husk, bamboo sawdust, peanut shell, bagasse and alfalfa and so on. Besides, the die compression ratio can be selected as per the specific biomass raw material. The service life of die can be prolonged if both sides of the die are used. Due to the all-steel structure and the superior reducer inside, our pellet mill can process a variety of raw materials and will exert a better pelletization effect with lower noise operation.

The application of wood pellets in finished fuels  

wood pellets
  1. Applicable to all stoves, suitable for rural areas, towns, units and families, wood pellet is the necessary fuel for cooking, heating, bathing, boilers, especially biomass power plants.
  2. The pellet coal is small and hard, which is convenient for transportation. It is a good fuel for processing pottery, brick, and smelting.
  3. The ashes of the lumps of the coal are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and so on. They are the good thermal quick effect organic fertilizers. Moreover, after processing the ash, the extracted nanometer silicon dioxide and trioxide are also very popular in the market.

The above is the use process and application scope of the pellet mill. Please contact our sales staff for more questions. We will tailor the wood pellet mill for your requirements.

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