Performance characteristics and buying points of small wood pellet machine

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GEMCO small wood pellet machine for sale

Small wood pellet machine is very practical in our life, it can be used for processing sawdust, rice husk, cotton rod, cottonseed skin, weeds and other crop straws, life waste, factory waste, materials with low viscosity and difficult to form. The finally products are biomass pellets. So what are the performance and characteristics and buying points of GEMCO small wood pellet machine? Let's look at it together.

GEMCO small wood pellet machine for sale

What are the performance characteristics of small wood pellet machine?

  1. The design of structure is scientific and reasonable. Simple and small size, low noise.
  2. Small machine for dry raw materials and dry pellets. The process of making pellets is convenient, the output is high, the energy computation is low.
  3. The rate of pellets molding is high, the produced biomass pellets have high hardness and smooth surface. And the pellets are convenient for storage and transportation.
  4. GEMCO small wood pellet machine has many flat dies with different apertures, the sizes range from 2.5mm to 12mm. They can be suitable for pelletizing of different biomass raw materials to achieve the best effect.
  5. Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.
  6. Strong adaptability to the work site.
  7. Overall casting of the body, sturdy and beautiful structure, long service life.

What are the buying points of the small wood pellet machine?

  1. The gear box is made of high quality gray cast iron, with small noise and good shock absorption.
  2. The use of bevel gear transmission is more efficient than belt drive and worm gear drive, and it can avoid the shortcomings of belt slipping and short belt life.
  3. The shell increases the reinforcement rib and increases the thickness of the castings, thus greatly strengthening the strength of the machine and eliminating the shell fracture of GEMCO small wood pellet machine.
  4. High quality alloy steel is used for die plate and press roll, and the hardness is 55-60 HRC.
  5. The most suitable for sawdust processing die structure, the core technology (the optimum compression ratio of the die hole) is obtained through a large number of experiments.
  6. The safe electronic control system fully conforms to the operating system of the CE standard. The urgent stop button can quickly shut down the machine in the case of emergency.
  7. Because of strict and standardized production and technology management, we ensure the consistency and interchangeability of all our machines and parts, and customers feel more comfortable when choosing spare parts.

GEMCO has advanced machinery manufacturing equipment. Our company is a professional manufacturer in China to develop, manufacture, install and debug biomass energy machinery. If you have any questions about the price, the manufacturer, the type and the picture of the small wood pellet machine, please contact us for the latest information.

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