Biomass molding fuel quality identification methods

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Biomass molding fuel is an environmentally friendly fuel produced by biomass pellet machine, so what methods are used to identify the quality of biomass pellet fuel? Durability is an important performance index for evaluating the quality of biomass molding fuel. Generally, the indicators include shatter resistance, deformation resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance.

biomass molding fuel

What are the quality identification methods for biomass molding fuel?


The durability of biomass molding fuel affects its packaging, transportation and storage performance. At present, there is no uniform standard for testing and evaluating the water resistance performance of biomass molding fuel. Sampling tests can be used to determine whether the durability of biomass molding fuel meets the requirements of packaging, transportation and storage.

Shatter resistance

Shatter resistance mainly reflects the ability of biomass molding fuel to withstand certain drop and roll collision during the handling process, and reflects the transport requirements of biomass molding fuel under actual conditions.

Biomass molding fuel will lose weight due to falling during transportation or movement. The percentage of residual mass after the drop of the molding fuel reflects the shatter resistance ability of the product.

Deformation resistance

Deformation resistance mainly reflects the ability of biomass molding fuel to withstand external pressure, which determines the use and stacking requirements of biomass molding fuel.

When biomass molding fuel is stacked, it must bear certain pressure, and its bearing capacity reflects the deformability of biomass molding fuel. 

Water resistance and moisture resistance

The water resistance and moisture resistance of biomass molding fuel reflect respectively the water permeability and water absorption ability, the percentage of weight gain reflects the anti-hygroscopicity and determines the storage performance of biomass molding fuel.

The test method is to place the molding fuel in a closed environment with relative humidity of 100% and observe its quality change. 

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