What are the advantages of biomass pellet fuel relative to coal?

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The main advantages of biomass pellet fuel relative to coal are environmental protection, regeneration and waste utilization, these advantages are well-known and conventional. The advantages of biomass fuel pellets can be deeply understood through the composition of biomass pellet fuel, along with the combination and characteristics of various elements.

the advantages of biomass pellet fuel relative to coal

Composition of biomass pellet fuel

Biomass pellet fuel is composed of combustible substance , inorganic substance and water. It contains carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and a small amount of nitrogen (N), sulfur (S), etc., and contains ash and moisture. 

Specific composition of biomass pellet fuel element

  • Carbon (C for elemental symbol)

Biomass forming fuels are low carbon fuels with a low carbon content (about 45-50%), especially low fixed carbon content (about 16%), so carbon emissions are low when burned.

  • Hydrogen (H for elemental symbol)

Biomass pellet fuel contains a lot of hydrogen (about 5-8%), and the volatile component is high ( more than 70%), so the combustion characteristics are good.

  • Oxygen (O for element symbol)

Biomass pellet fuel has a high oxygen content (about 35-40%). Biomass fuels significantly have more oxygen than mineral coal, which makes biomass fuels easy to ignite.

  • Sulfur (S for element symbol) 

The sulfur content in the biomass pellet fuel is less than 0.08%, and the environmental protection feature is good, and the flue gas desulfurization device is not necessary when burning.

  • Ash content

High quality wood is mainly used as raw material of biomass pellet fuel, and ash content is low, only 1.5-3%.

Calorific value of biomass pellet fuel

Calorific value is an important index of fuel quality, which is the heat emitted by the complete combustion of fuel per unit mass (or volume). The calorific value of biomass fuel pellet is 15-18 MJ / Kg, and about 2 -3 kg BMF may replace 1 kg fuel oil or 1 cubic natural gas.

Characteristics of biomass pellet fuel

Characteristics of biomass pellet fuel

  1. The biomass pellet fuel is homogeneous fuel of high quality, pellet fuel in transport, storage, transmission and combustion can be automatically controlled, its convenience can be equivalent to that of light fuel.
  2. Solid fuel, high density, small size, safe and convenient storage and very clean. Some people think that the density will affect the calorific value of the biomass pellet fuel. It should be explained that whether it is sawdust pellet , straw pellet and other fuels, the fundamental reason of the calorific value is the calorific value of the raw material itself, not by changing its density, shape, etc. Therefore, the wood pellet mill has no relation to the calorific value of the biomass pellet fuel. The purpose of control density is to facilitate transportation and storage.
  3. High fuel volatilization, easy ignition, good combustion characteristics, high burnout rate.
  4. The sulfur content is extremely low, only about 1/20 of the fuel oil, no need to take any desulfurization devices or measures to meet the environmental requirements.
  5. Low ash content, conventional dust removal equipment can meet environmental requirements.
  6. Zero emission. CO2 produced by biomass combustion is the same as CO2 absorbed in the growth process. biomass pellet fuel replaces fossil energy and reduces net emissions. According to the Kyoto protocol, biomass fuel CO2 is ecological zero emission.

In addition, the harmful gases produced when biomass pellet are burned are extremely low, and has environmental protection benefits. And the ash after burning can also be used as potash fertilizer directly, saving expenses. As a new kind of pellet fuel, biomass pellet has been widely recognized for its unique advantages. Compared with traditional fuel, not only has economic advantages but also environmental benefits, which fully meet the requirements of sustainable development.

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