GEMCO small pellet plant for China's aid to foreign country

  • Project time: 2018
  • Project product: GEMCO small pellet plant
  • Project use: China's aid to foreign country
  • Project significance: In 2018, a customer ordered our small pellet plants for China's aid to foreign country. GEMCO small pellet plant can be used as goods of China aid, which is a big honor and recognition. The small pellet plant is also mobile pellet plant.
small pellet plant
GEMCO small pellet plant


Uses of GEMCO small pellet plant

Firstly, the small pellet plant can be used for crushing, raw material separating , material mixing, pelletizing, cooling, conveying and etc.

Secondly, the small pellet plant is mainly used to process biomass raw materials into biomass pellets. This is a process of turning waste into treasure. Biomass raw materials are usually the leftovers of a wood processing plant, the waste of agriculture and forestry or domestic garbage, such as wood chips, sawdust, rice husk, straw, grass, waste paper, etc. The final pellets are environmentally-friendly fuels or animal feed.

Thirdly, the small pellet plant can the needs of small pellet processing plant or home use.

Main features of GEMCO small pellet plant

  1. The small pellet machine integrates hammer mill, storage bin, small pellet mill, cooler, vibrating sieve, conveyor, etc. So it has multiple functions, a pellet production line can be formed.
  2. Small size and movable. The electronic control system has the characteristics of easy realization, good stability, simple operation and convenient to use.
  3. Customers can choose and customize the small pellet plant based on their biomass raw materials.
  4. The function of this small pellet plant is quite complete, it can meet various needs of pellet processing. However, some customers only need partial functions such as crushing, pelletizing and cooling, they do not have to buy the whole plant. These customers can contact us for their special small pellet plant, we can meet your own needs. If you want to buy a single machine, it's OK , too.
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