Wood waste pelletizing system with capacity 1t/h at Cornwall UK

This complete plant is 1t/h biomass pelletizing system; raw materials are wood waste and biomass wastes usually come from wood processing factory. There are some procedures to process the raw material, for example, slicing, crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packing. During the process, our company adopts the best machines to reduce the cost of investment and occupation area. The crusher, dryer, pellet mill, cooler and packing machine are all the most suitable. Of the biomass pelletizing system line, the most important pellet mill adopts gear-driven system, which can facilitate the operators to handle it freely and ensure personnel safety.
Biomass pellet pelletizing system 1t/h

Raw materials
Hard wood soft wood wood waste after crashing
Hard wood Soft wood Wood waste

adding gear oil cooler to packing machine
Adding gear oil Cooler to packing machine
pellet conveyor pellet mill machine
Pellet conveyor Pellet mill machine
under cionstrction under installation
Under construction Under installation
local workers all engineers
Local workers All engineers
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