Complete wood pellet plant with capacity of 1.5-2 T/h in Australia

The complete wood pellet plant, with the mixture of softwood and hard wood as raw materials, Located in Geelong, Vic, Australia. The capacity can reach from 1.5 to 2tons per hour. Softwood and hardwood’s proportion is 9:1, and the moisture content of raw materials maybe 12% or so. The most important processes include pulverizing, drying, mixing, pelletizing, cooling, lifting and packaging. For packing scales, mostly 1 ton bagger can meet the requirements of different weights of pellets in the market. And we also have smaller bagger for 15KG. in addition, the complete wood pellet plant is famous for thorough feedstock. The water content spectrum of feedstock is flexibly kept higher than the equipment sold by German and the US. Consequently, this can lower the investment and cost at the section of drying.

Wood pellet plant

complete pellet plant

plant pellet mill

complete wood plant ring die pellet mill

complete plant big machine

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Australia pellet plant equipment
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