Performance characteristics of small pelletizing machine

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Small pelletizing machine is very useful in our life. It can be used as a feed pellet machine for small farms and rabbit farms. It can also be used for granulation of sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skin, weeds and other kinds of crop stalks. So what are the performance characteristics of our small pelletizing machine?

  1. The structure design is scientific, reasonable and simple. The floor area is small and the noise is low.
  2. Small machine for dry in and dry out. Easy to produce, high yield and low energy consumption.
  3. The machine has high pellet forming rate. The pellets have high hardness and smooth surface, which are favorable for storage and transportation.
  4. The machine is equipped with a variety of aperture molds, which are suitable for granulation of different materials to achieve the best results.
  5. The small pelletizing machine adapts to different raw materials and ensures the pressing effect.
  6. Simple operation and maintenance, safe and reliable.
  7. Strong adaptability to the workplace.
  8. Whole body casting, strong structure, beautiful appearance and long service life.

What are the buying points for small pelletizing machine?

  1. The gear box is made of high quality gray cast iron with low noise and good shock absorption.
  2. Bevel gear drive is more efficient than belt drive and worm drive, and can avoid the shortcomings of belt slip and short belt life in belt drive.
  3. The shell is strengthened with ribs and the thickness of castings is increased, which greatly strengthen the strength of the machine and prevented the shell fracture of the small pelletizing machine.
  4. The die and roller are made of high quality alloy steel with a hardness of 55-60HRC.
  5. The most suitable die hole structure for sawdust processing. The core technology (the best die hole compression ratio) is obtained through a large number of experiments.
  6. Safe electronic control system. The operating system is fully in line with the CE standard. The emergency stop button can quickly shut down the machine in case of emergency.
  7. Because of strict and standardized production and technical management, it ensures the consistency and interchangeability of all our machines and parts. Customers are more comfortable in choosing spare parts.

Difference between small sawdust pelletizing machine and feed pellet machine

In recent years, with the advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection, more and more places have begun to abandon the traditional coal as the raw material for combustion and use sawdust or straw pellets as the raw materials for new energy sources. The demand for sawdust pellets is most prominent in large power plants. According to the current trend, supply is still in short supply. Under such circumstances, the sale of small sawdust pelletizing machine was once popular. In order to have better profits, many traditional feed pellet machine manufacturers abandon the basic responsibility bottom line and sell the feed pellet machine to users to process sawdust pellets. However, the specific gravity of sawdust pelletizing machine is much lighter than that of feed pelletizing machine, and the pressing is much more difficult than that of feed pellets. Therefore, it is very difficult for traditional feed pelletizing machine to press sawdust pellets. Moreover, due to the pressure of market demand, high wear and tear, the service life of the machine is also very short.

When buying a small pelletizing machine, it is necessary to distinguish the small sawdust pelletizing machine and the feed pellet machine. It is all right to choose GEMCO small sawdust pelletizing machine. Energy saving and environmental protection. High quality and factory price!

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