Small pellet making machine pelletizing ratio and advantages

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Pelletizing ratio of small pellet making machine

The biomass pellets produced by small pellet making machine are environmentally friendly and clean fuels, which are widely used. In order to ensure the molding rate of small pellet making machine, special attention should be paid to the following points.
  1. The extrusion molding efficiency of soft raw materials or crushed particles is better, and the damage degree to the equipment is also lower.
  2. The selection of raw material for small pellet making machine should choose moisture content between 15%-20%. If the moisture is too high, the pellets will be loose. If the moisture is too low, it is difficult to suppress molding, and the molding rate is low and the degree of pulverization is high. It is suggested that we reduce the moisture content of materials by drying, and increase the humidity of raw materials by adding moisture.
When the finished product of the small pellet making machine has a high forming rate, it can save a lot of raw materials, reduce the production cost and improve the profit of the users. At the same time, in operation, we must strictly follow the rules of operation to avoid accidents.

Pelletizing demands of small pellet making machine

Pellets produced by small pellet making machine belong to biomass energy. Investors invest in small pellet making machine. But there are many people who don't know what the demand for small pellet making machine pelletizing. Knowing the pelletizing demands of small pellet making machine can produce good pellets, so that investors can get good returns, bring good profits.
There are roughly three requirements for granulation, the first is raw material type, the second is raw material size, and the third is raw material humidity. As long as we can achieve these requirements in the process of pelletizing, we can make good pellet fuel.
  • Raw materials are very extensive. Agroforestry wastes, such as straw, cotton stalk, sawdust, branches, haulm, shell, waste wood. Investors need to see which materials are the most abundant and can be supplied in time. We must not stop production, or we will delay production.
  • The size of raw materials affects granulation. It is necessary to crush the raw materials with a crusher. Only standard is acceptable.
  • The requirement for granulation also requires humidity, ranging from 8% to 12%, which can be done using a dryer. Only when the standard humidity is achieved can it be made when making pellet fuel.

Small pellet making machine technical advantages

Small pellet making machine mainly processes wood chips, sawdust, corncob and straw into pellets. This is in line with the current concept of recycling, environmental protection and energy conservation, so it is widely used in the wood processing industry. Material crushed by wood chips crusher can be used to make paper, furniture, fiberboard and so on, because the price is lower than solid wood, so it is deeply loved by consumers. Pellets made by small pellet making machine can be used for heating and power generation. So what are the technical advantages of GEMCO small pellet making machine?
  1. GEMCO small pellet making machine has strong performance. Because the structure of spindle and hollow shaft is reasonable, it can be used continuously and has good performance.
  2. The production cost is low. Due to the reasonable design of GEMCO small pellet making machine, the production cost is very low and energy consumption is low.
  3. Using high density gear, the transmission rate is higher.
  4. GEMCO small pellet making machine can realize continuous operation for 24 hours, and has the advantages of high efficiency and economy.
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