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  • Die aperture: 2.5mm-12mm
  • Raw material: High quality alloy steel
  • Length of pellets: Free adjustment

Range of application: 

  1. Biomass pellet making, such as sawdust, rice husk, cotton rod, cotton seed hull, weeds and all kinds of crop straws.
  2. Feed pellet making, which is mainly used for rural breeding specialist, small farm and rabbit warren.
  3. Pellet making of fertilizer, which is suitable for biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other low temperature pellet making.
  4. Domestic waste, factory waste, materials with low viscosity and difficult to form.

Details of flat die pellet mill spare part (die)

Process flow of pellet mill spare part (die)

Process flow of pellet mill spare part (die) 

GEMCO pellet mill manufacturer possesses the most advanced flat die drilling machine,  the efficiency is high and processed die plate is more accurate. At the same time, the size of GEMCO pellet mill die aperture can be customized according to the needs of the user.

How to reduce the damage of pellet mill die?

The pellet mill die should be turned over after using a period of time. Don't wait until the serious wear and then turn, especially the thinner pellet mill die should be frequently used to flip. If both sides are not easy to use or pellets from your pellet mill die are not hard, the pellet mill die needs to be processed and refurbished.

Inspection and maintenance of pellet mill die

Checking the pellet mill die before each starting up to ensure that there is no foreign material or wear and tear on the pellet mill die. The service life of millstones is 300-500 hours under normal running conditions. After the pellet mill die is worn, the other side can be replaced. Only one side of few dies can be used.

How to choose a pellet mill spare part (die)?

The distribution of the pellet mill die holes has a certain relationship with the output, the right number of holes is the best. In order to promote their product with low energy consumption, some manufacturers reduce motor model, so how to make up for the lack of electricity? It is to reduce the contact area of the roller and the pellet mill die (Narrowing the roller and reducing the number of the die holes), so the energy consumption is reduced, but the production has also been reduced. I think this behavior is to customer deception! Some manufacturers do not recognize the importance of pellet mill die, and then hire some employees without any training, which causes rough pellet mill die and hole confusion. 

What’s more, at present, many customers, especially foreign customers, often ask a question, which is the thickness of the pellet mill die. In fact, the quality of the pellet mill die is not its thickness, the molding of the pellets is related to the compression ratio of the pellet mill die. In addition, different raw materials require different compression ratios, so it can't be a mess.

choose a pellet mill spare part (die)

According to many years of customer experience, different raw materials and uses need different apertures of pellet mill die. GEMCO pellet mill manufacture provides customers with varied apertures of pellet mill die (2.5mm-12mm). The size and length of pellets can be adjusted by users of GEMCO pellet mill.

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