How to Repair the Roller of Pellet Machine?

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Can the pellet machine roller really be repaired and reused? It can be seen from the following picture that the shape of the pellet machine roller is a strip concave-convex design. What it wears out in the production process is this part of the exposed strip teeth, which is equivalent to human teeth. It is used to insert materials into the die of the pellet machine, and it is also like the pattern of tire, so as to reduce the slippage phenomenon when inserting materials.

How to Repair the Roller of Pellet Machin

Repair and reuse of biomass pellet machine roller

  1. The pellet machine roller can be repaired. Deep cutting of worn-out part is certainly not advisable. Grinding a smaller roller is not the result you want. The most effective way to repair the die roller shell of the pellet machine is to use tungsten carbide welding rod on the worn roller shell and fill the welding according to the strip pattern. The welding should be divided by the partition welding, so as to prevent the roller shell from thermal distortions caused by the row welding, which will be discarded directly.
  2. The repaired welded pellet machine roller shell needs to be ground flat. Loss of circle roller shell installed will cause damage to die, and even cause the spindle shaking. So this is a patient and meticulous technical work. In general, it is not recommended to repair, because the labor-intensive cost is almost the same as the cost of the new roll shell, and there is no good use of the original assembly. But it's a good way to take temporary replacement when the spare parts are not available in time.
  3. In the process of repairing, the roller shell must be removed, otherwise the heat of welding will be transferred to the bearing, which will affect the life of the roller bearing.
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