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The homemade pellet machine is a small pellet processing equipment that directly compacts comminuted materials of corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, peanut seedling and etc. into biomass pellets.

200B flat die pellet mill

Common malfunctions and elimination methods of homemade pellet machine

  1. In the gearbox of homemade pellet machine, there are many precision bearing parts that need to be lubricated. The first time after the homemade pellet machine is received, you need to add the gear oil into the homemade pellet machine. The number of different oil types may vary.
  2. A new homemade pellet machine will fail to achieve normal production, which is a normal phenomenon. The just running homemade pellet machine does not reach the best running state, the operation is in a good condition after the machine has been used for a period of time.
  3. Homemade pellet machine output is too low or have a lot of powders, this problem is not frequent. If it appears, it means that you did not well grind the die and the roller in the process of pellet making. Similar problems may arise as well as the poor grinding efficiency of die for the first use. When abrasive is used to grind the flat die or after a period of time, the output of the homemade pellet machine will reach normal production.
  4. If the moisture content of biomass raw material is not well controlled, it will also affect the discharging of the homemade pellet machine. The moisture content in the raw material should be in the 13%-20%. Because the homemade pellet machine has the function of drying and aging, the moisture in the raw material will be dried out during the pressing process. The biomass pellets pressed by the homemade pellet machine can be bagged at 5-10 minutes under normal temperature.
  5. The large gap between the roller and the flat die is also one of the reasons for the failure of the homemade pellet machine making pellets. The method of adjusting the gap between the roller and the flat die: single hand screwing roller, adjusting the corresponding bolt until the roller on both sides can not be moved. A little tighter means that the roller and the flat die have been adjusted in place.

These may be the basic causes of pelletizing failure. In the face of frequent problems in homemade pellet machines, the solution is simple. First of all, we need to optimize the flat die holes so that it can adapt to the environment after a period of time, and then we can solve it. If the raw material is too moist, it can only be dried. If there is too little moisture, the raw material needs to be properly moisturized. Only when the raw material maintains a certain amount of moisture, can the granulating and drying function of the homemade pellet machine be brought into full play.

The noise of our homemade small pellet machine in normal operation is very low, and the most important noise is the sound of the machine running at the time of operation. It is normal. If the homemade pellet machine appears noise with the rattling sound of a carbazole during the running process, it should stop power in time. It is necessary to check immediately whether the bearing and parts are loose. Are there any debris in the homemade pellet machine, such as small nails doped in the raw material? You should be able to clean up these impurities in time.

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