What Are the Benefits of Animal Feed Pellet Machine?

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The traditional feed pellet processing equipment is complex in process, complex in operation and low in output, which requires a lot of manpower and material resources. After years of development, the feed pellet processing equipment is becoming more and more simple and convenient. Take the feed pellet machine as an example, during the whole process, the user only needs to do one action, that is, feeding. Feed processing machine will automatically complete. Generally speaking, the present feed pellet machine does not need to be dried, which is more convenient for customers. The machine is mainly suitable for processing rabbit, fish, duck, chicken, shrimps, pigs, cattle and sheep. There are different models. The pellet machine is the ideal processing machinery for farmers.

Animal feed pellet machine is the main feed machinery product produced by our factory at present. This machine is a feed pellet machine designed by our factory's technicians, who have studied and improved over many years' production experience, carefully manufactured feed pellet machine, selected gears as transmission, avoided slippage of belt drive and abrasion of belt too fast. The feed pellet machine belongs to feed pellet machine equipment.

Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Advantages of pellet feed

  1. Easy to digest, high feed rate of return. Temperature-increasing gelatinization enhances the activity of enzymes during granulation, which is easy to be absorbed by livestock and poultry. Feeding livestock and poultry with full price pellet feed can increase feed reward rate by 10-20% compared with powder feed.
  2. It has good palatability and large animal intake.
  3. Prevent animals and poultry from picking on food and reduce waste.
  4. Feed density is high, easy to store and transport. Feed pellet machine is a kind of feed processing machine which is developed according to the market demand. It is a kind of feed processing machine that directly suppresses granules by crushing materials such as corn, soybean meal, straw, straw, rice husk and so on.

Characteristics of flat die feed pellet machine

  1. Simple structure, wide applicability, small floor area and low noise.
  2. Powdery feed and grass meal can be granulated without or with a little liquid.
  3. The pellets made by the feed pellet machine have high hardness, smooth surface and full maturity, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients and kill common pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. They are suitable for feeding rabbits, fish, ducks and experimental animals, and can obtain higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.
  4. The feed pellet machine has a variety of aperture moulds, suitable for granulation of different materials, and achieves the best result.
  5. It can adapt to different materials and ensure the pressing effect. Compression molding of sawdust and corn straw requires a lot of pressure. In the granulating equipment, the roller component is the central part of the whole equipment. The company uses high-quality alloy steel to improve the service life of rollers.
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