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Animal plays an important role in nature world, there are two kinds of animals: wild animal and livestock. Today ,let’s discuss more details about livestock and their feed.

Animal feed plays an important part in the food chain. It has two basic types: fodder and forage. But now, we pay close attention to nutrition of the animal feed. So animal feed pellets become more and more popular in animal feed industry.

Animal feed pellet size

Different pellet sizes are suitable for different animals.

Animal feed pellet
  • 1-3 mm diameter pellet is suitable for fish. The raw materials include fish meal, wheat bran, etc.
  • 3 mm diameter pellet is suitable for baby animal or small poultry like pigeon, birds etc. The raw materials include bran, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, etc.
  • 5 mm diameter pellet is suitable for chicken, rabbit, ducks, gees, and other domestic birds, the raw materials include bean pulp, etc.
  • 6 mm diameter pellet is suitable for pig, the raw materials include grass, etc.
  • 8 mm diameter pellet is suitable for cow, the raw materials include straw, etc.

Pls pay attention to that when you choose pellet size for your animal.

Animal feed pellet machine classification

According to the output , it has big pellet machine used in pellet production line for pellet making factory, small pellet machine used in small farm or for personal use. According to the power source, it includes motor driven type, diesel engine-driven type, gasoline engine-driven type and PTO. According to the working principle, it includes flat die pellet machine and ring die pellet machine.

If you are engaged in animal farm industry, you usually have some problems, such as feed nutrition imbalance, large space for raw materials, inconvenient storage, etc. A pellet making machine will help you solve all problems above. Become a better livestock farmer with this advice on raising cattle, hogs, and poultry.

Animal feed pellet machine, small pellet machine

Flat die pellet machine is a small type which is suitable for small farm or home use. It is cost-efficient ,small size, mobile. Making raw material such as grass ,brain, peanuts, soy, corn into pellets can cut your animal farming work.

If you are interested in making pellets for your livestock, please contact us, we will submit more detail information to you later.

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