Happy Chinese New Year to Everyone

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Dear customers:

Kindly noted that our spring festival is coming soon, The Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, is the most important and widely celebrated festival of all in China, which marks a new year on the lunar calendar. The Spring Festival represents the desire for a new life. Every year, there is a kind of animal and 2016 is the monkey.
There are many celebrations during the Spring Festival including the worship of gods and the Buddha, paying respects to the ancestors, general house cleaning, welcoming the god of wealth and sending away hungry ghosts. And for all Chinese, spring festival means reunion, So our company has a holiday.
Date: 2016.2.7---2016.2.13
If you have interest in our products, you can send email to us, our salesman will reply to you as soon as possible when we start working,
Wish you happy New Year!

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